A Large set of on-line / off-line instruments are available at the ACMCC in order to provide a robust calibration of Aerosol Chemical Monitors

  • ACSM (Aerosol Chemical Speciation Monitor)

The Aerodyne Aerosol Chemical Speciation Monitor (ACSM) measures quantitative particle mass loading and chemical composition in real-time for non-refractory sub-micron aerosol particles. Smaller, lower cost and more robust than our AMS instruments, the ACSM is designed for long-term unattended deployment and routine monitoring applications.

  • PILS-IC (Particle-Into-Liquid-Sampler coupled with Ion Chromatographs)

Ion Chromatographs are DIONEX Model ICS2000 (1 IC for the major Anions; 1 IC for the major Cations)

  • Semi-Continuous OC/EC Field Analyzer

This instrument is the only commercially available field deployable OC-EC analyzer with true laser-based pyrolysis correction and compatibility with accepted NIOSH 5040 and IMPROVE methods

  • Aethalometer AE33

The Rack Mount Aethalometer® models are constructed in a standard 19-inch enclosed chassis. These Aethalometer models are most commonly used in air monitoring network stations, providing continuous unattended operation. The instruments simultaneously sample and measure the mass concentration of black carbon particles in the air.

  • Filter sampling and chemical analyses

Two low-volume (1m3/h) Partisol Plus (Thermo) filter samplers are available for off-line intercomparison with various sampling cut-off diameters (PM1, PM2.5, PM10). One Partisol is equipped with the EUSAAR/ACTRIS recommended VOC denuders PM (gravimetry), OC/EC, major anions & cations, and sugar (levoglucosan, …) are performed at LSCE

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